I am


a Designer, Developer and a DevOps Engineer based in Bangalore, India. Focused on making the web beautiful.

What do I do?


I strongly empathize with the quote ❝ Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works ❞ by Steve Jobs. Every design decision is made to enhance the user experience while keeping all the design principles in mind. I believe that a good design is as little design as possible, I focus on making the interface clean and clutter free while ensuring the right information is always accessible with ease.


I love to code. I write clean, elegant and performant code. I am a full stack developer who is looking forward to bring ideas to life. I frequently find myself using HTML5, CSS3, ReactJS, Python, Django, Android, SQL and always keep myself updated with best in industry technologies and standards. I offer end to end solutions from software design to development to deployment for clients ranging from individuals to small-businesses.


DevOps is a evolving field in the industry and it is necessary to have a seamless transition from development to production. I am well versed with concepts like Containerization, Container Orchestration, Build Automation, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, I use tools like Jenkins, Docker, Teraform, Prometheus, Kubernetes etc. I am proficient with designing cloud native architectures that scale especially with AWS services like EC2, ECS, ALB, VPCs etc.


I have a very satisfying feeling when I take a good picture. Photography is not just a hobby to me, this makes me more alive, creative, optimistic, free, delighted and refreshed. I'm not doing it professionally yet, but don't underestimate my skill. I do portraits, candid, landscape and event photography just as a hobby. I use most of my photographs in my other creative works, like design.